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Being in Jail Again Was a 'Wakeup Call'
tweener4me wrote in larceny_lane
Lane Garrison walked out of jail yesterday after two months behind bars ... and if there was one sentiment he wanted to pass on, it was, "You don't ever wanna go in this place."

As TMZ first reported, Garrison posted $50,000 bail on Friday after being locked up since April 22 for allegedly hitting his ex-girlfriend, Ashley Mattingley.

Garrison wouldn't comment on the case as he made his way out of the joint, except to say, "Everything explodes and gets bigger than its supposed to be."

The former "Prison Break" star -- who served 1.5 years in jail for vehicular manslaughter, did not enjoy his second trip to the hoosegow, saying, "Being back was a quick wakeup call. It puts you back in check."

For video see: http://www.tmz.com/2012/06/30/lane-garrison-released-jail-video/


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